Why Choose Us?

why choose us

An Established Service you can trust.....

 Having been established for over 20 years we have an excellent reputation for our professional and caring service.

Many of our clients are recommended by a solicitor or by friends or family that we've helped in the past 


At Stepping Stones we understand that this may be a difficult, challenging, and even very emotional time.  We will do our best to make you feel at ease and comfortable at all times. 


Stepping Stones is one of the longest established mediation services in the North East.

All of our Mediators have many years of experience in dealing with both children and property and financial matters.  They  understand that clients experience conflict and communication difficulties and although all situations are unique, you can be sure we will have dealt with many other clients in situations similar to your own.


Our mediators work to the highest professional standards.  They are all fully accredited and members of the mediation Lead bodies - The Family Mediators Association and The College of Mediators.  They adhere to strict professional standards and codes of practice and in addition, all are recognised by the Legal Aid Agency to carry out Legal Aid mediation. Our service also holds the Legal Aid Mediation Quality Mark - a benchmark in quality standards.


At Stepping Stones we ensure you understand the process and what is involved at the outset. All documentation is sent to you promptly. We communicate with you in the best way for you, for example by e-mail, or letter, and keep you updated. We will work with you to arrange appointments which are convenient to you.  

Whilst we ensure our service is efficient, we also understand the need to work with you at your pace in difficult circumstances.


All our Mediators are impartial and will remain neutral throughout the mediation process. They will help you consider all of the options available to you and  give you information to help you make informed choices about the best solutions for you and your family. You make your own decisions and you are in control of the outcome.


At Stepping Stones, we do what we do because we care. From the point at which you first make contact with us, to the conclusion of your mediation, we want to ensure that you feel looked after and supported. Our offices are also designed so that the whole process feels as comfortable as possible.

Ensuring you feel welcome, supported and valued is important to us.

Don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions or would like further information about our services.  We are always happy to explain how mediation works and how we can help

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