The Ministry of Justice has developed a mediation voucher scheme, whereby a contribution of up to £500 per case/family to the mediation costs of a child arrangements case will be offered, encouraging people to seek to resolve their disputes outside of court where appropriate to do so.


If you are not entitled to Legal Aid, the charges for Mediation are as follows:

Service Charge
Individual Information & Assessment Meeting  (MIAM) £100 + VAT
Joint Information & Assessment Meeting £150 + VAT

Mediation Sessions:

Child only (1 hour)

Property and Finance (1.5 hours)


£100  + VAT per person

£180  + VAT per person 

If ONE client qualifies for legal aid, the initial individual meeting, which is called a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting [MIAM] and the first session of mediation where both clients attend together, will also be free for the second client under the first client's legal aid.

If you are a paying client, we only charge for the amount of time the mediator spends with you in the sessions and for the time the mediator spends preparing any necessary documents, such as a Memorandum of Understanding, which is the document which records the proposals reached.

No charge is made for routine letters and telephone calls.

The Mediator will give you an estimate of the likely costs of your particular case at your information meeting, when you have had an opportunity to discuss your case and  the issues to the mediator.


Costs Advantages to Mediation

You pay as you go and  make payment at the end of each session

Depending on the issues, most mediations are resolved within 2-4 sessions

There are no hidden charges, eg letters or telephone calls, you pay only for the time spent with the mediator in the sessions or for   preparing necessary documents agreed with you

Generally, the cost of mediation is much less than the cost of  going to court

A Step in the Right Direction

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like any further information about our fees or services.

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